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.Common Space #4: The Covert Nature of Racism in Singapore

Common Space 4 kicked off with insightful sharings from three carefully curated guests of different backgrounds on Zoom. Our guests include Teng Qian Xi, Imran Taib, and Tan Ding Jie. Teng Qian Xi is an anti-racism activist and shared with everyone on her current work of setting up a collective for Chinese Singaporeans to strategise ways to act in solidarity with minorities. Imran Taib, Interfaith Advocate and founding board member of the Centre for Interfaith Understanding, shared about how history affected various prejudices or perceptions on race and his views on bridging understanding between diverse groups. Tan Ding Jie, Vice President of the Humanist Society (Singapore) and Executive Member of Hash Peace, also shared his views on having civil discourse on issues related to racism.

Later in the afternoon, participants were split into breakout rooms for a smaller group discussion where they shared personal stories of their experiences and opinions on the topic of racism in Singapore. Some shared their thoughts or experiences regarding the different policies and institutions related to race, casual racism, microaggressions, appropriation of culture/race, and many other issues. It was an insightful session where participants engaged one another in an honest and civil manner and we hope that the participants can keep such important conversations going.

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